Day 9: 28mm in 28 days

"Its a beautiful day today kids! Let's go explore some beautiful art deco styled buildings," I said at breakfast. The kids just stared at me. "We might also go swimming in the lake." "YAY!!!!" they screamed and were ready to go in less than 5 minutes. But really I just needed the kids there for scale because the 28mm does such an amazing job at creating vast landscapes that we the viewer lose that sense of scale. We see the side of a building or a waterfall and we think, "That looks great. I wonder how big or small it is though?" 

As in this shot. The 28mm really allows me to create an image with a lot of real estate in the frame. I love that about this lens but the doors needed just a little something extra. That is where the kids come in. I send them over to stand in front of the doors and viola, those doors just got a whole lot larger. 

Here is the same hanger with the sensor flipped to portrait to get that great detail at the top of the wall. I am still exploring with this lens in portrait. I haven't fully found where it will be useful in the portrait orientation but for a shot like this it isn't bad.

I expected some distortion on the lower parts of these two images because I was shooting up at a pretty decent angle. As you can see there is very little. An architecture lens for sure. I just love the restored lettering above the entrance of this lower image. Art deco in the Northwest is very rare so when it is restored I'm just drawn to it.