Day 10: 28mm in 28 days

In real estate it is location, location, location and with this 28mm I'm learning it is environment, environment, environment. One thing I love about this little guy is it brings in the location and environment so easily in a shot. Take the three shots that follow, they are of my youngest playing on a play structure. Now with a 50mm or 85mm you could get some great shots of reactions, details, and him playing but that sense of place would be tough to get unless you back pretty far up. But even then I still struggle with getting that true sense of being in the scene because the scene gets compressed and it feels voyeuristic. This lens solves that. I can stay close, get shots that really put the viewer into the scene and still get some good action, reaction, and playful shots. Do watch your distortion though if you choose this lens for close shots. It can get a little odd when photographing people, as I have mentioned in a previous post but get out and have fun with it.

Here you can see some distortion (the railing and support columns are falling away and leaning in) partly from me shooting up at Miller but also a little from the lens. I am willing to live with this slight tilting of the image because it adds to the space. I also want as much of those blue columns in the scene as possible to give an overall color balance to the striking yellow and green.

Yeah, I know, the flag is sprouting from his head. I think it is funny and when you are photographing a fast moving four year old with Angelman Syndrome you take the shots you can get.