Day 12: 28mm in 28 days

When you go to the fair there is the usual shot, especially with this lens, of the midway rides, the crowds, and the games. Those are wonderful and play to the strengths this lens is marketed as but what if we push it? What if we forget what this lens is "designed" to do and use it to take the pictures we want in any situation. So, I did just that today at the Evergreen State Fair in Monroe, WA. Enjoy!

Notice the pure excitement on the boy child. HAHAHAHA!!! 

I love how much context and detail I get within a single frame with this lens. It is so clear with wonderful control of depth of field blur.

In a crowd the ability for this lens to be unobtrusive on the camera body, able to provide environmental context, get into a space and show the entire scene is amazing. I love this lens for documentarian, photo journalistic type shooting. It is fast, light, sharp, and just a joy to shoot with. I never thought I would find it so versatile. I have been proven wrong and continue to fall more and more in love with it.