Day 0: 28mm for 28 days

For nearly 13 years I have shot with Canon crop sensor cameras. I cut my photography teeth on film, shooting medium format and 35mm but those days all I worried about was learning the exposure triangle. My foray into digital began with a Canon digital rebel 300d. This silver beauty was 6.3 mp of pure amazingness when it came on the scene. I had no idea at the time what a crop sensor was, that there were even different sensor sizes, or what I would do with a bigger one. What I did know is I needed quality glass so I always saved for the best I could afford completely unaware there were lenses created for the different sized sensors I didn't know existed. 

My first digital camera. Oh, it was a dream! "Why would anyone need over 6.3 mp?"

My first digital camera. Oh, it was a dream! "Why would anyone need over 6.3 mp?"


Time marched on as it does and I bumped up into the Canon t5i. Still a crop sensor. Me still having no idea what that meant...until one day I did know what that meant. I learned there is such a thing as different sized sensors and lenses created for full frame sensors (35mm sensors) acted differently on the smaller sensors. So my 50mm was acting like an 85mm on my t5i but I needed a 50mm! Solution: Grab a 28mm, and so I did just that. 

Now that I have bumped up to a Canon 6D with a full frame sensor all of my glass is acting very different. I see the 28mm looking forlorn at me each time I open my case as I reach past it to the 70mm-200mm. Even my 50mm is getting more use than my old partner. What I thought I knew has been turned on its head! I knew it would happen. I expected a learning curve but this is like being a parent for the first time. You may have grown up with younger siblings, worked in a daycare, say at every opportunity, "I love kids." but then you have your own and its just not quite the same. I don't know where to stand, how much I will get in the shot, what I should have my aperture set to in order to get the bokeh I really want. I am chimping more than a jungle safari and feeling a bit out of sorts. 

Solution: Practice! So begins 28mm for 28 days. I want to see where my workhorse, my old go-to lens for tight spots fits into my full frame arsenal. I will push myself as an artist, push the limits of this lens, discover where it shines and is a bit dull by shooting with the shortest lens in my case. Come along for the journey as I take a walk on the wide side.