Day 3: 28mm for 28 days

A day at the park. The kids and I decided to make it a fun afternoon at the park exploring and seeing if the fish were biting. The 28mm didn't disappoint. Something I am loving about the lens is its compactness. It is so small, so light, and as I discovered today it is teaching me how to use it. I am learning (or relearning as the case may be) to really create fore, middle, and back ground to my images. 

Just a simple picture of play structures takes on a whole new feel with this lens. The amount of environmental placement it commands is stunning. It forces me to create a sense of place in the picture.

Capturing action of a very active kid is no problem with this lens and getting enough environment to place them in the scene is never an issue. 

I realized today I am learning how to get the most out of this beautiful 28mm. It's size, its lack of weight, and its reliable quality has me not hesitating one bit to grab my camera and go play. Yeah, you have to get close to your subject at times but I think that is a lot of the joy. Get close, get to know them better. But, as we shall see tomorrow, making images from a distance can create drama unsurpassed in even the most common of places.