Day 4: 28mm for 28 days

Walking along the docks in Kenmore I realized this lens can take an ordinary scene and add something epic to it. It tends to somehow stretch, lengthen, and elongate in every way the space before it  without distortion. I don't know how it is done but I am loving it. Scenes from the docks of the sky and the marina are stunning with the 28mm. Some would say this is its bread and butter, distant focal points and sweeping views. I am not convinced. I will say this, it does create sweeping views where not a one exists. 

Of course the leading lines and the clouds help to add depth to this shot but still the lens does push the center out a bit and creates a landscape that tends to just go on and on. 

A simple marina in a small town becomes so much more with the 28mm. I am not quite sure what it is but it just seems to add that little bit of umph that pushes it past a pretty picture to a second glance type image. I'm really liking this feature I have stumbled upon. 

Of course I wouldn't be allowed in the professional photographers club if I didn't play a bit with the depth of field.